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Special Attractions Each Rodeo

Posted May 20, 2019

You won't want to miss a rodeo, we have lined up special attractions for each rodeo:

June 1st- Pyro Cowboys and Mounted Shooting--Don't miss this one, these cowboys and cowgirls horseback will amaze you, plus you will want to get your picture taken with their massive longhorns.

June 8th- Cowboy Polo-- Can the kids defend their 2018 title of beating the parents? Come cheer for your team.

June 15th-Flinstone Gravel will showcase their beautiful belgians and wagon with special guests. Those gentle giants are spectacular to see.

Additionally the Pyro Cowboys Mounted Shooters are making their final appearance here for 2019 on the 15th.

June 22nd- The perrianially ever popular match between the motorcycles and horses to see which horse power can get around the barrels faster. If you want to have a good laugh, make sure you attend this night, the bikers have great costumes and stunts while trying to be faster than the beautiful horses and ladies.

June 29th- Riders of the Steppes, the all boys division from the world reknown Westerniares from Golden will make you hold your breath tonight. These boys make pyramids on horseback and play games that will make you wonder if their parents know they do these dangerous stunts. 

July 3rd and 4th- For the season finale, the top team from the world famous Westernaires from Golden return again as the crowd favorite. The Red Team will appear 3x times each rodeo with amazing performances. From trick riding, to the precision of the beautifully choreographed and synchronized horsemanship, this is an absolute do not miss. Followed up by fantastic fireworks on the 4th, you don't even have to move out of your seat.